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Second Skin

Soulangh Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan, 2017


Second Skin is the culmination of a seven week residency at Soulangh Cultural Park in Tainan, Taiwan in October and November, 2017.

Within my fantastical environments, the true nature of chosen materials and objects are investigated. Systematic and controlled frameworks are contrasted with organic and abstracted forms. Second Skin investigates everyday objects and materials found locally. These objects are re-purposed in a playful way to re-imagine their cultural value. All of these objects relate to the body in an elemental way in terms of skeleton, breath, fluid and skin. Site specific artworks are created using the gallery building as a framework and latex as an organic inflating skin. Human skin is paradoxical, it's a barrier yet it's porous, it's translucent yet opaque, it's internal and external, we touch and are touched simultaneously. Latex is similar to human skin, it’s also organic and decays over time. Second Skin creates an environment to perceive and re-imaging ‘skin’ in relation to our bodies and the objects that surround us everyday.

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